CoLang 2018 Events

CoLang Events

In addition to the core workshops and practica, CoLang 2018 will also host a number of plenary speakers, film screenings, and other social events.


Public Plenaries

Plenary talks will be held from 1:00 to 2:00pm following the daily lunch break, during the first two weeks of CoLang.  Plenaries are open to the public.


Thursday, June 21

Title: After archiving: How to get meaningful records back to their source

Presenter: Nick Thieberger, PARADISEC


Friday, June 22

Title: Access and Collaborative Opportunities at Three Archives of Native American Languages

Presenters: Siri Tuttle, Alaska Native Language Archive, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Brian Carpenter, Library of the American Philosophical Society

Raina Heaton, Native American Languages Collection of the Sam Noble Museum, University of Oklahoma


 Thursday, June 27

Title: Linguist Guided Community Self Documentation

Presenter: Ben Levine


Friday, June 28


Presenter: Felix Ameka


Film Screenings

CoLang2018 will screen three films that feature stories of linguistic revitalization, activism, and cultural revival in Native American communities.  We will proudly screen the following films at the Emerson Alumni Center at the University of Florida, following the day’s workshops and dinner break.  The film screenings will be open to the public.

Tuesday, June 19

Title: We Still Live Here (Âs Nutayuneân)

Director: Ann Makepeace

Synopsis: The story begins in 1994 when Jessie Little Doe, an intrepid, thirty-something Wampanoag social worker, began having recurring dreams: familiar-looking people from another time addressing her in an incomprehensible language. Jessie was perplexed and a little annoyed– why couldn’t they speak English? Later, she realized they were speaking Wampanoag, a language no one had used for more than a century. These events sent her and members of the Aquinnah and Mashpee Wampanaog communities on an odyssey that would uncover hundreds of documents written in their language, lead Jessie to a Masters in Linguistics at MIT, and result in something that had never been done before – bringing a language alive again in an American Indian community after many generations with no Native speakers.



Tuesday, June 26

Title: Language of America

Director: Ben Levine

Synopsis: Language of America explores Indian language, philosophy, and community as never before. It shows how Indian words reveal an inherent connectedness between people, nature and spirit. The film bears witness to America’s history of Indian human rights abuse, yet it inspires hope by promoting an understanding of diversity that accepts Native peoples’ inextricably shared history and destiny with their neighbors.


Please stay after the film screen for a discussion with Director/Producer Ben Levine!

Wednesday, June 27

Title: Keep Talking

Director: Karen Weinberg

Synopsis: From Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams, Life Itself), Keep Talking follows four Alaska Native women who are learning to teach their critically endangered language. Only 41 fluent Elders still speak Kodiak Alutiiq due to brutal assimilation policies at U.S. government run Indian boarding schools. The grit and resilience of these women helps them overcome historical trauma, politics and personal demons as they evolve into #languagewarriors. Their young student Sadie (13) is enthralled by the language, and dives into Alutiiq dancing as well. Struggling with bullying and racial discrimination, Sadie’s teachers inspire her and the language grounds her as she navigates troubled waters on the road to adulthood. Guided by Elders in classrooms and living rooms, the women who start off teaching on a remote island work their way to a statewide platform, speaking out to gain support for the cause. When all their hard work begins to pay off, they choose to look past the storm and instead focus on a bright future that may be just over the horizon.


Please stay after the film screen for a discussion with Director/Producer Karen Weinberg!