CoLang 2018 Courses

Here you can find the preliminary schedule of courses for CoLang 2018 (Updated: 12-4-17)

CoLang 2018 prelim schedule

Please note that this is a tentative schedule, and does not currently include plenary speakers, etc.  We are currently in the process of finalizing those details, and will release a more complete schedule in the near future.

Instructors: Please contact the CoLang2018 organizers if you have a schedule conflict, or other need to reschedule your course.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Week 1 Courses  Instructor(s)
FLEx 1 Juliet Morgan
Introduction to Linguistics 1 Patricia Shaw
Audio 1 Toshihide NakayamaYoshi Ono
Documenting Spatial Categories and Knowledge Carolyn O’Meara, Niclas Burenhult
Phonetic Analysis with Praat Kristine Hildebrandt
ELAN 1 Andrea Berez-Kroeker
Digital Language Activism Brook Lillehaugen, Janet Chavez Santiago
Transcription Mizuki Miyashita
Survey Methods Keren Rice, Mary Linn
Ethics of Fieldwork and Language Documentation from a Community Perspective Hilaria Cruz
How to Manage your Materials and Data for a Language Archive Vera Ferreira, Susan Smythe Kung, Ryan Sullivant
Indigenous Language Revitalization: Initiatives in Indigenous Communities Bonnie Jane Maracle
Ethnobiology Richard Stepp
Grant Writing Susan Gehr,  Shobhana Chelliah
Developing Digital Tools for Language Revitalization: Demystifying Coding, Apps and Web Platforms Mark Turin, Aidan Pine
Blurring the Lines Ewa Czaykowska-HigginsLorna Williams
Language and Healthcare Peter Rohloff, Brent Henderson
Pedagogical Grammar Mary Linn, Conor Quinn
Getting the full picture: Language use and the importance of video 1 Mandana Seyfiddinipur
Project Planning Margaret Florey
 Week 2 Courses Instructor(s)
FLEx 2 Juliet Morgan
 Audio 2 Toshihide NakayamaYoshi Ono
Intro to Linguistics 2 Patricia Shaw
Community Language Archives Susan Gehr, Susan Smythe Kung
Multilingualism and Language Documentation Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Jeff Good
Teaching Pronunciation Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Colleen Fitzgerald
ELAN 2 Christopher Cox
Life in Communities Spike Gildea, Leroi Morgan
Orthography Mike Cahill, Keren Rice
Talk it Up! Everyday Conversation in Language Documentation Olivia Sammons, Nick Williams, Kristine Stenzel
Integrating Experimental Methods in Language Documentation Seunghun Lee, Michal Temkin Martinez
Language and Wellness Doug Whalen, Alice Taff
Using Ethnography in Language Documentation Sarah Shulist, Faun Rice
Working with Archived Materials Megan Lukaniec
Translating and Interpreting Popular Media into Native Languages Tyler Peterson
Navigating Consent, Rights, and Intellectual Property Susan Smythe Kung
Macuiltianguis Zapotec PrePracticum Workshop John Foreman, Margarita Foreman
Language Activism Megan Lukaniec
Getting the full picture: Language use and the importance of video 2 Mandana Seyfiddinipur
Language Learning Apps for Endangered Languages Lisa Johnson, Kevin Wong
Revitalization and Documentation from a Perspective of 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition Mizuki Miyashita, Tracy Hirata-Edds
Spatial Visualization and Language Documentation Kristine Hildebrandt
NEW 2-week Mini-practicum Instructor(s)
Mississippi Choctaw Lexicon Project Jack Martin, Jason Lewis, Abrianna Tubby

CoLang 2018 is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (BCS-1664464), the Linguistic Society of America, and the University of Florida.

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